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On Site Residential - Kitchen Touch Up

On Site Residential - Kitchen Rejuvenation

This high end solid cherry kitchen had been lived in for a few years so it wasn't in too bad a shape but with 4 young kids and pets it just needed a day's worth of clean up, Touch up and Polish (CTP). This is Kasnak Restoration's version of what we call TLC.

A dirty, worn or sunfaded finish can, in most cases, be rejuvenated to like new condition by a combination of our CTP and CCR methods. (See details in our FAQ section)

There are usually just two alternatives to fix this problem: 

1) Reface the cabinets, build new doors and drawers, finishing to match. (this is expensive) 

2) Strip and refinish original parts (somewhat less costly but longer downtime). 

Our exclusive No Strip Method keeps both the original wood, restores the finish and saves you money.

Doors and drawers are taken to our shop where we use our CCR method (Clean, Color, & Recoat) to restore the color and sheen to a rich look. Minor refinishing may be needed on site but most of that work is done with our CTP method (Clean, Touch up, & Polish)

The owner specified a grained paint finish for this island. All the on site work was done with no paint drops on either new granite top or hardwood floors thanks to masking off and working carefully. 

Result.........Like-new kitchen cabinets for much less cost!