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As trained professionals who restore or conserve original objects, we are among the original “recyclers”. We were “green” before saving the environment was a popular concept. When you hire us to maintain or revive something you own, not only are you preserving a piece that may be sentimental or functional, but you are doing your part to reduce waste, pollute less and save our valuable resources.

• $ Saves Money $ (less costly to perform, in most cases)
• Saves The Environment (Less chemicals)
• A Richer Look (saves the Patina)
• Maintains Value and Integrity (for now and the future)
• Allows More Work On Site (items stay at your place)

Restoring an existing finish is always our option of first choice but do you get a good product that will hold up in the end? Absolutely, and here’s why. 
We test each finish chemically to determine its compatibility to be revived. 
Most surfaces are contaminated with a combination of airborne, water-based substances like dust, grime, body salts and oils which need to be removed carefully by hand cleaning with one of our water based cleaners. Then the surface is usually “scuff” sanded with a very fine grit paper to prepare it to receive color and/or a clear finish recoat.

Refinishing a surface is different from restoring in that many times the existing finish is so deteriorated or, in worst cases, painted over which requires chemical stripping. Once a bad finish has been stripped down to bare wood, the procedure is very similar to what’s noted above only more color and multiple finish clear coats are added to build to the proper sheen.

A combination of the two takes place many times when a top of an item needs refinishing whereas the base (skirt, legs, sides, etc.) simply requires restoration. This same combination approach sometimes takes place on a piece when high wear or damaged areas demand spot refinishing while the rest of the surface can just be restored.

This is true whether the piece is an antique or not. If it’s cost effective to buy our services versus replacing with an entirely new piece of furniture $ are saved and recycling is accomplished.

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