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Restoration Projects

This was truly a major restoration project if there ever was one. First of all, the orginal finish had deteriorated and crazed so badly that it wasn't practical to save it, so it had to be stripped.

Saving and patching veneer is one of our specialties but this top was too bad to repair and required a new 2-ply walnut replacement. The gorgeous figured walnut was originally trimmed with black paint in the style of early Jacobean furniture (late 1600's) so we replaced that as well.

Most of the time, repair means regluing loose parts, but this sideboard required total regluing/rebuilding

of it's major parts, both base and case.

Years of storage in a wet basement meant many loose and split parts to glue and clamp. In the case of this rotted leg, it even required a hardened compound to fill the void and receive this tacked on nylon glide.

The large chunk of missing wood on this waist molding would've glued back in if we'd had it. To replace something this noticable a 2-part filler is inappropriate for looks and durability. After cutting a clean void, we glued in matching species wood, shaped to blend with profile and once finished, it's undetectable.